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Walt Rogers Hurts Iowa’s K-12 Education

Walt Rogers has worked hard to diminish the quality of Iowa’s schools in the long-term. He has two main methods:

1.  Tax cuts hurt long-term outlook for Iowa’s schools.

“All of this comes at a high cost to the state — over $400 million a year by 2021. With over half the budget going to education, this means the underfunding of our public schools and the rising tuition and debt for our community college and university students will continue.”

-Iowa Policy Project, a nonpartisan organization,

2.  Vouchers. Walt keeps trying to shift public dollars to private schools.

Walt Rogers keeps trying to give away our public tax dollars to private schools despite the fact that the local school boards in the district are opposed to this. That’s right, Rogers ignores his own local citizens on this. When Rogers again proposed a huge public school fund giveaway, Cedar Falls and Waterloo responded quickly in opposition:

“The Iowa legislature should maintain the highest priority to promote and fully invest in Iowa’s public schools and not enact any legislation which would divert funds away from public education.”

“Public schools provide a strong education environment for Iowa’s children and are an economic engine for our local community and that any structural changes to the funding formula could put this environment at risk by directing resources away from public schools.”

-Resolution from the Cedar Falls Board of Education, unanimously approved resolution, Jan. 22, 2018

“Funding for schools in Iowa is already tight. I believe it would come at the expense of public schools.”

-Shanlee McNally, president of the Waterloo Board of Education, Waterloo Courier, Jan. 23, 2018


Don’t be fooled. Rogers will tell you his wife works for the AEA and he loves schools and teachers. But his record doesn’t support the sad facts.